"The process taught to students on how to craft a speech and find their voice rather than just have speeches handed to them with little interaction is invaluable. My own students not only have grown during this experience, but they have brought these ideas back to the team and many more have benefited. Moreover, the students develop a close bond with their coach and with their fellow students and this has created lifelong friendships. I am extremely thankful that my students have had this opportunity." 

- Jason Olson, Head Speech Coach, Hutchinson High School 

"The Orono Day Camp led by Cadi condensed the highlights of a week-long speech camp into just a day of activity. Even more so, Cadi tailored the experience to accommodate students of all levels at many different places in terms of pre-season preparation. Lessons on essential skills such as internalization, cutting of literature, and argumentation taught beginning students the basics of forensics, while advanced students gained new insight on how to hone their abilities further. Students yet to find pieces or topics were assisted in searching for literature and brainstorming ideas, while students already past that phase received time to work privately with the highly skilled staff that Cadi brought with her. Every student left the day camp with experience that they didn’t have when they arrived. Cadi is a highly skilled and experienced coach, and her instruction is transformative to say the least. Cadi does not simply build high-caliber competitors—she builds communicators ready to impact any audience they should encounter."

- Parker Roth, Prose Champion at the Minnesota State Tournament, Orono High School Camp Participant 

“… Camp has been a game changer for our team members and for us as coaches. For our students the camp has given them the opportunity to learn why the process of speech making more important than any win. They have learned to read literature in a new way, have learned to find trending topics and most importantly learned that speech communication is truly a skill cause them to be successful in any career they choose. As coaches, we, too have benefited from the experience. We have not only been able to work with exceptionally talented students, we have made connections with coaches from all over the state and have been able to learn from them as well. We have become better coaches and are thankful for what camp has afforded us.”

-Roxy Janke, Retired Fairmont Minnesota Head Speech Coach 


Maggie Rogers, Vestiva Hills, HS, AL

Maggie Rogers, Vestiva Hills, HS, AL