" I read in Ephesians 4 that "each word [is] a gift", I learned from Cadi that those gifts of words can have immense, overwhelming power. Coaching with Cadi helped reveal the ability to make people feel. Cadi helped grow a much needed confidence, humility, and safe pride. For which,I am very, very grateful."

- Caleb Merritt, Hastings College, 2017 AFA-NIET DI National Champion

"I met Kris Kracht just under a year ago, and since then, he has become one of the most influential mentors in my life. It doesn’t matter if Kris has been coaching someone for years or even a matter of days— he always gives not only his honest feedback, but his deepest caring. Kris is invested in the success of his student/competitors from the start. He helped me develop an understanding of the argumentation I used in my competitive season. His help also helped me prepare mentally and emotionally for competition with numerous activities and exercises. I met with Kris many times throughout my competition season to work on my script, my performance, my competitive attitude, and my leadership skills. He continuously pushed me to be my best in all areas of my competition and performances; I believe his push helped me achieve a state championship. His work has made me a better speaker, a better competitor, and a better person. Kris is encouraging, tough, kindhearted, devoted, competitive, and effective in his endeavors."

- Chloe Litts, Discussion State Champion at the Minnesota High School State Tournament

"...Cadi Kadlecek coached me on how to figure out who my character was and how I could connect with the audience, and she made it fun while doing all of the above. I loved giving the message throughout the competition season, and it all began with Cadi. I couldn't be more grateful." 

- Brett Ries, Superior South Dakota State Performer in Dramatic Interpretation

"In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock."  This quote by Thomas Jefferson sticks with me, when I think about the kind of woman Cadi Kadlecek is and the kind of life she leads.  Cadi is a quiet, powerful, and creative leader.  Watching her work with young people is inspirational.  She knows when to push, when to motivate, and how to get young speakers discover their own principles and then stick to them.  Cadi is not just about a great performance, she is about empowering a speaker to have an amazing performance that has meaning.  Cadi is a rock with great style and zest for life.  She shares her zest, her knowledge, her inner strength, her skills, her experience, and her compassion with those she coaches.  I highly recommend this young stylish and principled woman and have experienced her expert programming, first hand."

- Dr. Sandra Wieser-Matthews, Director of Speech at Perham High School

“…This past season I fully recognized and appreciated the coaching and lessons provided by Kris Kracht. While Kris knows the game of competitive speech, he also understands that it’s much more than learning to communicate in front of people. One of the biggest messages Kris promoted during camp was strengthening ourselves as mentally. It is one thing to know how to compete, but it is an entirely different thing to own the way you compete. Looking back, I realize that speech is so much more than personal success. Whether interpreting a story, or discussing critical geopolitical movements, the time we have in front of an audience is a time where we are able to communicate a message that others are not able to communicate; one of the biggest messages Kris would stress to campers. Whether it was teaching us how to walk into a room with confidence, or imparting the knowledge needed to compete at a heightened level, Kris ensures that each competitor has the necessary skills to become a positive force within their respective communities. It is often rare to find a coach who not only commits themselves to a team, but inspires the team to commit themselves to more than just winning. As an individual who knows what it takes to win, Kris also knows what it takes to be successful outside of the activity. Not only has he inspired so many to push for success within each round, but he has also inspired so many to learn to find comfort in something that might not fit social norms. While my time as a competitor has ended, I know that the skills provided by a coach like Kris will continue to provide usefulness throughout life.”

- Zach Avis, Top 30 National Speech and Debate Association Extemper, Prior Lake, Minnesota