"Kris lives his life and contributes to his community in a practical, powerful, and passionate way.  Kris strives to be at his very best so that he can encourage others to be at their very best."  


Life is about a series of choices we make on a daily basis. Most of us walk through life on autopilot and refer to our default mode without living an intentional life where our choices align with our dreams. You win in the mind before you win in the boardroom, the arena, the classroom, or at life. Learn the skills and the mindset to win at life. 

Be a Bruce.png


Do you ever feel like you lack significance or your work is undervalued? 

Watching and working with my father, a janitor of 25 years, I witnessed how an ordinary person with an ordinary professional life can become extraordianry with the proper mindset.  

I am going to provide you how Being A Bruce will give your life purpose, value and lead to a life of gratitude, and it all starts with you. 

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Do you think success is not for you, or something or someone is holding you back from truly being elite and fulfilled? 

Based on my own personal failures and successes, I have witnessed how the 8 Principles can lead to powerful teams, meaningful relationships, and an overall winning attitude. 

I am going to provide you the 8 Principles of Success as a compass to change the direction of your life and reset how you perceive success. 

Who Do You Help Cross the Finish Line?.png


Do you lack empathy? Does your boss or a colleague lack empathy? 

Leadership begins with empathy and the belief you need others to truly succeed. Based on a special bond with my brother, I have witnessed and lived what it means to be empathetic. 

I am going to provide you with tangible ways to lead with empathy.