Our Summer Coaching Intensive is July 17-23   (Open to junior high, senior high, graduate students, and collegiate coaches) at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota. 

Coaching Institute Goals:

• Expand theoretical knowledge in oral interpretation, public address, and limited preparation events

• Locate quality literature and public address topics

• Work one on one with experienced high school coaches

• Develop fundraising and recruiting strategies

• Address challenges facing new coaches and the activity

In addition to theoretical lectures, everyone will learn vocal warm-ups, tournament etiquette, competitive ethics, and the values of excellence, preparation, revision, leaving a legacy, mic drop moment,  and embracing competition. 

Institute Lectures:

• Finding Literature and Topics

• Drawing Strategies

• Cutting

• Extemp cutting, filing, prep time strategies, organization, issue analysis

• Organization

• Public Address Delivery

• Character Internalization and Externalization

• Competitive Ethics

• Writing Introductions

• The Value of Nonverbals

• Research and Evidence

• Commanding a Presence 

• Managing A Team

• Recruiting and Retaining Students

• Developing a Mission and Vision

• Cultivating Team Leaders

• Holding Students To High Expectations

• Developing Team Policies

Events Covered:

• Prose

• Extemporaneous Reading

• Humorous

• Oratory

• Dramatic Duo

• Informative

• Drama

• Great Speeches

• Poetry

• Storytelling

• Extemporaneous Speaking

• Creative Expression


To register for the Summer Coaching Intensive click here.