SPEAK2compete has the following skills sessions ready for you! If you would like us to speak on a different topic, we are more than happy to create a lecture specific to your needs. 

Oral Interpretation PROCESS Sessions:

Finding Literature

We focus on the 3 touchstones of literature to help identify appropriate, unique, and compelling literature. 


We use a 7 step cutting process enabling you to cut your own literature. 

Internal Character Development

Internal Character Development (or Internalization) is identifying and creating the thoughts, feelings, and motivations for the characters actions. 

External Character Development

Characters are frequently distinguished in three key ways: vocal, focal, and physical. Charting encourages you to make deliberate choices about character distinction through selecting simple characteristics.

Writing Introductions

Learn how to writing compelling introductions framing the universal message found in the literature. 

Duo Blocking

Learn how to create motivated and unique scenes. 


Public Address PROCESS Lectures

Finding a Topic 

Learn the 5 questions to ask to identify a good topic and the topic selection approval process for each PA event. 


Outlining is the key to the writing the process. 

Research Methods

Learn the HEAD, HEART, FEET method of research, places to find unique evidence, and how to conduct personal interviews of experts. 

Writing Stylishly

Writing with style requires intentional use of language, literary devices, and understanding what motivates audiences to act. 


Bring the words to life by learning delivery techniques, transitional walks, and eye contact in order to create a powerful performance. 


Extemporaneous Speaking

Preparing Files

Learn how to file based on identify the "hot topics."

Questions- What to Take and Why

Knowing how to select a topic can give you a distinct competitive advantage.

Using Prep Time Wisely

30 minutes can fly by quickly! Learn how to use the time to your advantage.