We Teach a Process, We Do Not Sell A Trophy

We promise any student that participates in our summer intensive will not only learn about the fundamentals and mechanics of speech creation enabling them to SPEAK2compete, but will also learn a distinct processes that will help students win at life. We do not teach the latest gimmicks to win. We teach a process that will transform how you live life. As one SSI alumna stated after qualifying for state, "#trusttheprocess!"

Fail Big To Win Big

Big successes are earned through learning from big failures. Failure is a required step in the process. We help students realize their potential by evaluating previous and current experiences in emotionally balanced ways. Through helping students identify and set outcome goals, we guide students through a strategic goal setting process that articulates how each outcome goal has the potential to become a possibility. Our unique goal evaluation technique helps students achieve academically, personally, and helps them SPEAK2compete in speech.

Be Brave, Be Bold

Speech is a healthy environment that encourages discourse by allowing students to SPEAK2compete. Learning to stand up and speak for what you believe in helps teach grit, or the idea that students should be able to pick themselves up, dust themselves off and courageously and conscientiously follow through with their choices.  Resilience and striving for excellence (not perfection) is the mark of a brave and bold SPEAK2compete competitor. 

Find Your Why

Motivation for hard work and perseverance can be found in numerous places. We believe  each student should identify their own "WHY" for speech participation. Some examples of "WHY's" are: fighting for the art that you produce, advocacy, a trophy, making new friends, and gaining knowledge. Students will understand WHY they SPEAK2compete in speech and be able to find intrinsic motivation throughout life. 

Competition is Education

Speech provides a competitive, comparative environment to mark progress in relation to peers from across the country. This approach fosters competitive excellence because the competition offers students the opportunity to succeed. The tougher the opponent, the more they present students with an opportunity to reach their fullest potential. This is the definition of competitive excellence. Steel grinds steel.While there may be students in rounds that have better performances, no one will out compete a SPEAK2compete competitor. 

Passion and Pride

Our coaching staff is passionate about speech and our energy is infectious. You will witness this during every lecture and individual coaching session. We challenge each student to match our energy and pride!