"I have been to SSI the past two years, and it has significantly changed my life. I went from being a shy, reserved, and soft spoken girl, who couldn't stand up for herself, to a speaker with no fear of using powerful words to spread my message. I have learned that success isn't something you should ever apologize for, or doubt for yourself. If you try hard enough at anything that you love and are passionate about, it is possible. When you put forth the time, effort, and heart that you have to be a champion, you will be a champion. The staff at SPEAK2compete has brought me out of my shell, and helped me learn social skills, goal mindsets, and an attitude towards success and learning, which I can use in speech, and in my future." 

-Christine Harrington, Fergus Falls HS, MN


"I've gone to camp for two years now, and both times were one of the best experiences I have ever had. Every year I have learned something new about myself and what it means to be a speaker. The people at camp taught me, my voice is too important to be silenced. I have made so many  life long friends, and have gained so much confidence. I've learned its not about the ribbons and the medals, but the people you influence. This process has changed me so much, and I eagerly hope to return to camp."    

-Evelyn Humphrey, Kenyon-Wanamingo HS, MN


"It gave me all kinds of tools to go from being a kid hoping for a finals appearance to being someone who is a legitimate contender at every meet. It's a wonderful, productive week that's worth every penny. #TRUSTTHEPROCESS"

-August Johnson-Ding, New York Mills, HS, MN


"I've gone to camp for the past three years. My first year, I cried the entire way there, and wouldn't let my mom leave until the last possible moment. My second year, I was practically kicking her out of my dorm because I was so excited for everything to start. My third year was bittersweet, because I knew that it was my last year at camp as a camper. All three years I met people that ended up becoming part of my family. I love SSI because to get so many people who love speech in the same area at the same time is amazing. You get the opportunity to meet people from different states, and other schools around you all while preparing for the upcoming season. I love being able to bring back new information to my team. The memories I've made during SSI will never be forgotten, because I was doing the thing that I love."

-Melanie Knealing, Kenyon-Wanamingo HS, MN


"My daughter’s week at SPEAK2compete’s Summer Speech Intensive was a seminal moment for her. She is having her most successful year in competition and is being recruited to participate in collegiate speech, but most significantly, SPEAK2compete provided my child with an empowering experience that is shaping the trajectory of her life. SPEAK2compete has helped my child to find her voice, and she has made relationships that will last a lifetime." 

-Kathy Rogers, Parent, Birmingham, AL