We whole-heartedly believe that speech training is a unique multi classroom approach to teaching and learning advocacy, emotional intelligence, research, writing, critical thinking, higher-level analytical approach, rhetorical analysis, empathy and performance skills. This reflects a pedagogical paradigm not replicated in the traditional classroom.

Research conducted by the National Speech and Debate Association concluded high school students competing in speech and debate graduate with an average 27 ACT and a 3.70 GPA. As a result of speech participation, students graduate with the confidence and competence necessary to be agents of change.

While high school speech is thriving in many areas and should be celebrated, schools across the country continue to slash budgets, coaching staffs, and in some cases eliminate programs. As a speech community, we need a game changer that goes beyond trophy count as a metric to prove education objectives have been met. We will fight for this activity because if we do not fight, some kid will not have the opportunity to find their voice. Too many are trying to silence these voices.

In an effort to the change the game, we are developing advocacy and assessment resources for students and educators.