The coaching institute will run in conjunction with the Summer Speech Intensive. We offer a 4 or 8 day experience to fit your schedule and professional development budget. If you are new to the activity or have extensive coaching experience, the Coaching Intensive offers you the opportunity to hone your craft and to develop the expertise and confidence necessary to coach your students to compete at the highest level. Seventy high school coaches from around the country attended the first six coaching intensives. 


Coaching Intensive Goals:

• Expand theoretical knowledge in oral interpretation, public address, and limited preparation events

• Locate quality literature and public address topics

• Work one on one with experienced high school coaches

• Develop fundraising and recruiting strategies

• Address challenges facing new coaches and the activity

In addition to theoretical lectures, everyone will learn vocal warm-ups, tournament etiquette, competitive ethics, and the values of excellence, preparation, revision, and embracing competition. 


Credit Options: 

• Continuing Education Units (You will be awarded a certificate upon completion.)


Intensive Lectures:

• Finding Literature and Topics            

• Drawing Strategies

• Cutting                    

• Extemp cutting, filing, prep time strategies, organization, issue analysis

• Organization                  

 • Public Address Delivery

• Character Internalization and Externalization    

• Competitive Ethics

• Writing Introductions                

• The Value of Nonverbals

• Research and Evidence                

• Commanding a Presence 

• Managing A Team              

 • Recruiting and Retaining Students

• Developing a Mission and Vision        

• Cultivating Team Leaders

• Holding Students To High Expectations        

• Developing Team Policies


Events Covered:

• Prose                  

 • Extemporaneous Reading

• Humorous                

• Oratory

• Dramatic Duo              

 • Informative

• Drama                    

• Great Speeches

• Poetry                    

• Storytelling

• Extemporaneous Speaking        

• Creative Expression


• Discussion


The SPEAK2compete Competitive Edge:

• Learn from experienced, nationally recognized high school coaches 

• Get a leg up on the competition

• Dedicate an entire week to intensive forensics training

• Spend one week being surrounded by people who share your passion for forensics

• 55% of attending students qualified for the national/and or state tournament


Intensive Tuition Includes:

• Continuing Education Units

• Access to our extensive selection of literature

• Three meals a day prepared by our nationally recognized dining services

• Housing at the University of St. Thomas

• Photocopying, camp mementoes, t-shirt and fun evening activities 



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