THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts to everyone that attended SSI 17 FAIL BIG TO WIN BIG! We cannot express our gratitude enough for trusting our process and for enriching our lives with your energy, passion, and heart. 

THANK YOU to the SSI Staff! Your passion is unmatched, your commitment to excellence is unparalleled, and your ability to teach the true spirit of this activity is unrivaled. We cannot thank you enough for the giving of your time, energy, and heart. You treat every camper as if they were on your own team. 

The week transformed people in many ways. The power of speech was palpable, and to attempt to describe it would do it injustice. You must feel it to understand it. Tell our teammates and friends about your transformative experience and encourage them to register for SSI 18 in order to experience the energy, the heart, and the passion. 

I challenge you to Be A Bruce, help someone cross the finish-line, win in the mind before winning in practice, let your dreams scare you, fail big to win big, believe you are worthy of success, despise mediocrity, and always focus on the process. 

#transformedhere #failbigtowinbig #trusttheprocess