As the finals days countdown before NSDA Nats 17, I am reminded of the frying pan story. I recently read a book written by Nick Saban, University of Alabama Head Football Coach, and he tells the tale of two fishermen. One fisherman consistently throws back good-sized fish. The other fisherman notices this and confronts the man about his decision to throw back edible fish. The fisherman’s response? “I only have a 9-inch frying pan.” 

Too many competitors have a small capacity for success limiting their ability to compete at a high level. The national tournament can be very intimidating due to its enormous size. Intimidation or fear shrinks one’s capacity for success, hindering one’s ability to compete at a high level. 

The national tournament is more psychological than physical. Do not let the enormity of the tournament psychologically affect your ability to let your body do what it has been trained to do. It is imperative you take a large frying pan to the national tournament.