I spent a little time looking over the “The Book”, aka Facebook, this morning and came across this saying, “Your energy introduces you before you speak.” Your body language and what it communicates, or does not communicate, is critical to your success. Showing the competition your negative emotion gives them confidence. Positive body language is equally as important as technical skill. 

I encourage you to think about the following:

  1. How do you walk off the bus?
  2. How do you walk into the school?
  3. How do you walk into the room?
  4. How do you walk to the front of the room?
  5. How do you stand in front of the room? 
  6. How do you stand at the conclusion of the performance?
  7. How do you walk back to your desk? 
  8. How do you exit the room after the round?
  9. How do you walk the hallways? 

If you want to be a good competitor, then you need to walk like a good competitor. Stand tall and be proud of the art you have produced.