Today's tip: Preparing for a Coaching Appointment

Reflect on the last speech season and ask yourself, "What process did I follow to prepare for coaching appointments last year?". If you find yourself saying, "what do you mean process to prepare for coaching?", we suggest sitting down and drafting a plan. Here is an example that you can utilize to help draft your coaching prep plan:

Coaching Prep Plan

Who: I will coach with my coach and at least one other person

What: I will do at least one complete run through and one stop go practice in front of another person. I will wear my suit jacket and tournament shoes for every practice (this probably means I will have to get it cleaned a few more times)

Where: I will meet in my high school coaches classroom and I will Skype with a SPEAK2compete coach

When: I will coach with another person for 2 hours every week

Why: I want to be a state champion and my speech is about fine arts funding 

How: I will contact my coaches at my school and the coaches at SPEAK2compete now to make sure that I can follow through with my coaching prep plan